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Kickboard Exercises

For a full body, aerobic workout, there are few activities better than swimming. It is also low impact, so there is less risk of injury or muscle strain. For those who do not enjoy swimming laps, there are other exercises that you can do in the pool that have similar

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How Do I Train for Flatwater Kayak Racing?

Csaba Szanto's seminal book "Racing Canoeing", reports that flatwater kayaking is a sport that involves speed, strength and endurance in which athletes compete head to head on calm bodies of water. Further, flatwater racing boats are extremely narrow and require extensive balance and stability training. Flatwater kayaking events are either

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Proper Position of Elbows When Rowing

Proper technique is essential whether you complete your rowing workouts on a real boat or on a machine in the gym. Positioning your elbows correctly as you complete your workout can improve your performance and reduce your risk of developing an injury. Rowing Technique The basic rowing technique involves the whole body

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